Click Here to Register for Spring 2018 Season - $20 Late fee applies as of February 4th 


FALL 2017 – SPRING 2018


 U19 1999 Birth Year                                             U18  2000 Birth Year

U17 2001 Birth Year                                              U16 2002 Birth Year

U15 2003 Birth Year                                              U14 2004 Birth Year

U13 2005 Birth Year                                              U12 2006 Birth Year

U11 2007 Birth Year                                              U10 2008 Birth Year

U 9 2009 Birth Year                                               U 8 2010 Birth Year

U 7 2011 Birth Year                                               U 6 2012 Birth Year

U 5 2013 Birth Year                                               U 4 2014 Birth Year*


*Please note, per North Texas Soccer rule 4.1.2, three (3) is the minimum age to play soccer:


The age of a player for purpose of league play shall be the player’s age on December 31 of the current soccer year. The current soccer year begins on September 1 and ends August 31 of the following year. Exception: If allowed by the Member Association playing rules, players who turn three (3) years of age during the soccer year will be eligible to play when they turn three (3) if registration is available. The player is registered from the moment the player or the player’s agent signs the registration form and pays the appropriate fees.

Reg­is­tra­tion fee for U4, U5 and U6 Age Groups is $60.00

Reg­is­tra­tion fee is $70.00 for U7 and older age groups.

Players must be 3 years old before July 31 may play in the fall.

Players who are 3 years of age by December 31st are eligible for spring soccer.

Proof of age is required for all new players.

Government issued Birth Certificates must be ver­i­fied by LSA.

On-line reg­is­tra­tion:  (Click here to Register - $20 Late Fee applies after Feb 4th)  

New Players:

Create a new player profile

Use the play­ers’ legal name (as listed on their Birth Certificate)

Must have a valid e-mail address

New play­ers must have been born on or before July 31, 2013.

All New play­ers will be asked to pro­vide a copy of a government issued birth certificate

Return­ing Players

Do not cre­ate a new player profile.

Fol­low instruc­tions for “Return­ing Player Easy Registration”

Make sure that all the con­tact information is updated prior to submitting registration.



Lub­bock Soc­cer Asso­ci­a­tion Bylaws Para­graph states:
“The reg­is­tra­tion fee will be refunded for all play­ers who reg­is­ter and later
decide, for any rea­son, not to play on the Lub­bock Soc­cer Association
team to which they have been assigned. A twenty dol­lar ($20.00)
admin­is­tra­tive fee will be with­held from any refund.” A refund will not be approved once player fees have been paid to NTSSA or the City of Lubbock.

*Play­ers who have par­tic­i­pated in a league game will not be eligible for refunds.*

Competitive Registration is for Coaches of Club Teams only!


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