Always check your schedule frequently via the web page to ensure you have the most up to date game day and times - especially due to the cancellations from rain!

LSA is excited to announce that you can now recognize your favorite Coach, Volunteer or Referee!  We have started a Coach of Season, Volunteer of the Season and Referee of the Season campaign. We encourage everyone to nominate their favorite LSA coach for either recreational or competitive,  their favorite volunteer and their favorite referee! Click the picture below for more information or click LSA Recognitions on the Main Menu! 





FYI To All Coaches, Players, Volunteers and Referees!

Field issues due to rain are determined on a day to day basis - please check back frequently for updates.  

September  16th - First weekend of Games
September 28th - LSA Board Meeting - Soccer Complex
October  26th - LS Board Meeting - Soccer Complex
November 16th- LSA Board Meeting - Soccer Complex
November 18th - Last weekend of Games


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Parent Guide

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